• All religious ceremonies can proceed with 50% of venue capacity, regardless of immunity status of attendees.
  • Weddings the current limits (100 guests) during September.. Live music at weddings will be permitted.
  • Coach tour activity can recommence at 75% capacity with protective measures.


  • Organised indoor group activities (sports, arts, culture, dance classes) can take place with capacity limits of 100 people (with appropriate protective measures) where all patrons are immune (fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 within previous 6 months), or accompanied minors (under 18).
  • Where patrons have mixed immunity status, pods of up to 6 participants will be permitted (excluding adult leaders/teachers).
  • Multiple pods will be permissible subject to protective measures.

  • Number of pods will have regard to the size of venue and substantial social distance between individual pods.

  • Restrictions on outdoor group activities for participants will be removed. Note, where applicable, spectator attendance will remain in line with regulations for events

  • Return to workplaces; Attendance at work for specific business requirements may commence on a phased and staggered attendance basis from 20 September.




(Updated 06/09/2021)

Special Precautions

  • Masks: We encourage you to wear a mask throughout the entirety of Mass.

  • Communion: We encourage you to receive Communion in the hand.

  • Leaving Mass: At the end of Mass... We will still have our staff on-hand to help seat you in a way that minimizes risk for COVID-19.

We will help seat you in a way that minimizes risk for COVID-19.


  • Living Faith Society: Setting up recurring donations is an easy hassle-free way. You can set up a desired gift and have it charged to your credit card or bank account monthly. You can also set up one-time donations through

  • Safe box: If you would rather make a donation through ...

  • Physical Basket: drop off cash/checks

For those unable to attend in person

The Masses will be livestreamed. We encourage the following people to remain at home and participate in our livestream instead of attending Mass in person:

  • Those who are sick

  • Those who are age 65+

  • Those who have been advised by health care workers/caregivers to not attend Mass

  • Those who sincerely believe that attending Mass will jeopardize their health or the health of a person with whom they reside

  • Those who sincerely believe that because of the imposed limitations, attending Mass is not reasonable

The Church

The church will remain open daily from 0830 AM - 6:30 PM.

In keeping with the Governor's guidelines for social distancing, we are only able to admit 50% of our normal capacity. These guidelines include utilising every other pew and having family units sit 2 metres part.

MASS TIMES - During COVID 19 Restrictions

Monday - Saturday: 10:00 am
Sunday: 10:45 am


Monday - Thursday: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Tel.: + 353 1 283 2988