The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) has been established to advise the Parish Priest on the pastoral development of the parish. The Parish Priest is its president and any baptised Catholic in the parish may be nominated to be one of its ordinary members, as in its 'Statutes'. Current members are listed below,

An initial three year Pastoral Development Plan was drafted by the Council based on Parishioners' views on what is attractive about the parish and what needs to be done. These views were gathered at a 'Listening Meeting' in 2012.The resulting plan was for the years 2016 to 2020. As second such listening process started in 2019.

Guided by these listening meetings, the Council proposes parish development initiatives. The more important of these are reported in a series of 'Look Back and Learn' memos (see below). In addition, the Council enables a parish response to requests from the Archbishop including: organising the 2020 World Day of the Sick and reporting parishioners' views on the role of the Laity. Minutes of the Council's meetings are published and available on this website (see below).

Ex-officio Members
Parish Priest - President
Fr. Dermot Leycock
Parish Chaplain
Fr. Bill Fortune
Chair Parish Finance Committee


    Ordinary Members
     Hon. Secretary
     Brendan Riordan 


     Eugene O'Connor
     James Bernard Walsh


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